1982 Rolling Stones European Tour

Visiting my sister in Paris with my parents the summer before my exchange semester with UMASS/Boston started up, we were eating in a Les Halles restaurant. I spotted some men pasting 3'x6' posters of the upcoming Rolling Stones tour on the Metro entrance wall. 

I ran out of the restaurant and in my yet to (ever) be perfected French, I asked if I could have one. And as it is proven time and time again, it never hurts to ask! They happily handed over my very own keepsake. I later that summer saw the Stones with Telephone in Paris and then again with Boston's own J.Geils Band in Nice.  

I still have the poster which was hanging in our barn and apparently some squirrels got in and had a party --- I was heartbroken to see it torn to shreds, but one thing about being an artist, I quickly saw the beauty. It resembled a poster that has been hung on a city wall for too long. I kept the pieces and should really post what's left on this blog. to be update...

A neighbor from the Cape happened to be doing some work in Paris that summer and we both headed down to Nice to see the show. It was about 100 degrees at the stadium under a blazing Van Gogh sun! Dangerously hot, the officials were spraying us down with fire hoses. I left my friend to see if I could pass a note to Peter Wolf... which I did and somehow just by ASKING a security guard, gained entrance to the VIP backstage which was in an air-conditioned beautiful room with floor to ceiling windows, a continuous buffet and bar! Need I say more?!