Xbox 360 Kinect as a paint brush

Cubicomp Picture Maker cost $49,500 in 1985

Cubicomp Picture Maker cost $49,500 in 1985

I'm constantly blown away with the quality graphics and sound coming out of my son's video games. In the mid 1980's I had an opportunity to work with a cutting edge 3D modeling program, Cubicomp. It took a really, (really) long time to create a 3D model. The program was very expensive, complicated and the rendering times were excruciating. But the result, at that time, was the best that high end professional technology could perform and everyone thought it was cool and cutting edge. It was.

My 12 year old son uses technology, like I used crayons and paints - intuitively and without fear. In his life he's seen great improvements in clarity, performance and speed and I'm sure he's grateful -- but not like me.

I physically "cut" reel to reel film as well as video ! I developed film and prints in a darkroom. I lugged the 20 pound Ikegami camera on one shoulder and carried the just as heavy "portable" 3/4 video tape recorder strapped to the other. I have joyously ushered in smaller and smaller videocams, welcomed with open arms digital SLRs, and have been a Photoshop devotee since 1.0. The transition to non-linear video editing was like pulling the rabbit out of the hat! Yup, I'm grateful. The iPhone I hold in my hand is beyond anything I ever could have imagined and continues to amaze me with each app I buy for a whopping $1.99.

But the leap that the Xbox Kinect made was probably just as earth shattering for gamers -- and once I took a look at what was happening in my living room, it's been blowing my mind as well!

I've seen YouTubers hack Kinect cameras, and can't wait until my son upgrades so I can hack his… but in the meantime, I'll push it's limits gently...

Below are a few test runs of the Kinect sensor modeling my son and myself. My next project is an art installation which will include 3D video projection mapping, using the Kinect sensor I will create an interactive experience melding the physical with the virtual - now in my grateful opinion, that's one big rabbit coming out of that hat!!