Live concert

1982 Talking Heads Live at Montreaux Jazz Festival

During my year abroad in France, I went to many exhibits and shows --- some life altering. The Talking Heads at the Palais des Sports in Paris was one of them. It was my birthday 7/7 and after commenting on a man's MTV t-shirt ( "Hey, TV will never be the same!" ), he disappeared and came back with a tour t-shirt for me and a backstage pass!  After the concert, I went back stage and had the opportunity to thank David Byrne in person for the great show. In a room buzzing full of people, he was sitting in a straight back wooden chair, dripping with sweat, hands on his knees, gazing straight ahead in almost a meditative state.

This video was from the Montreux Jazz Festival 9th July 1982... 2 days after my birthday when I saw them in Paris. Coiuldn't find any footage from the Palais des Sports concert, but I did dig up a set list and a French article.

Talking Heads 1982.jpg

C'était une incroyable anniversaire que je n'oublierai jamais!

SetList went something like this: 



01) Under The Boardwalk ( Tom Tom Club ) 

02) Wordy Rappinghood ( Tom Tom Club ) 

03) Genius Of Love ( Tom Tom Club ) (off vinyl bootleg "Chance Meeting" ) 

04) Psycho Killer 

05) Cities

06) Big Blue Plymouth 

07) Once In A Lifetime 

08) Mind 

09) My Big Hands 

10) Big Business 

11) I Zimbra 

12) Swamp 

13) Slink ( Jerry Harrison ) 

14) Houses In Motion 

15) What A Day That Was 

16) Life During Wartime 

17) Take Me To The River ( fade out )